To the heritage villages of Himachal Pradesh

Destinations • 9 Comments

Pragpur, a quaint little village in Himachal Pradesh’s scenic Kangra Valley, became the first...
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The secret miracles of Landour

Destinations • 2 Comments

Sunlight glinted on the hill-tops, and valleys were half dark and half lighted. Trees yawned as morning hue woke them from their slumber....
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Pushkar: kaleidoscope of emotions

West India • 9 Comments

Pushkar hung in my thoughts like a dream. After having seen several of my plans for Pushkar get cancelled, this time I tried some serious...
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Rajputana revisited at Nagaur

West India • 5 Comments

This wasn’t a well-planned tour; last minute tickets, itinerary gone through in haste, no...
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A Fort with many stories: Chittorgarh

West India • 8 Comments

Stories abound in this fort. Wrapped in history, Chittorgarh Fort has been a textbook lesson on valour, honor, sacrifice and never to fade...
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Yogyakarta: Into the heart of Indonesia

International • 3 Comments

An ancient city and the last remaining Sultanate of Indonesia, YogyaKarta has long nurtured the Javanese connection with the outer world...
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On a Golden Chariot

South India

Suddenly, noise fills the air. A band of dancers and drummers had assembled, and no sooner did we...
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Stitching back the past at Badami

South India • 5 Comments

A centuries old town at the mouth of a river, nestled between two rocky hills giving you the impression of a wildwest, lakes on other three...
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Way into the woods II: Dandeli

South India • 6 Comments

Well let’s be true to self, one might return without any sighting in Kali Tiger Reserve. The dense foliage and the heavy undergrowth keep...
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Way into the woods – Dandeli

South India • 3 Comments

It was pitch dark and I had come out in the open and followed the eerie glow of the lights from the...
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