On the trail to Chalal from Kasol

March 5, 2022

The trinity of love and charm: Kalga, Pulga, and Tulga

February 17, 2022

Manikaran Sahib: A confluence of faith and ideas

January 9, 2022

Oh my gosh!! Tosh

January 7, 2022

The endless charm of Charyn canyon

Central Asia, Kazakhstan

“Today, you are about to witness the incredible diversity of Kazakhstan’s landscape’ our guide Syrym enthusiastically...
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A Two-Day Odyssey Through the Almaty Region

Central Asia, Kazakhstan

“Almaty region is truly exceptional,” remarked our guide, Syrym, as we embarked on a two-day odyssey through the Almaty region...
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Savoring the Nomadic Tapestry in Almaty: Kazaki food you should try in Almaty

Central Asia, Kazakhstan

Borat, the fictitious, mustachioed, mankini-wearing media personality played by Sacha Baron Cohen in the eponymous cult film, put...
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Almaty: Unexpected wonders

Central Asia

Of all the things I anticipated discovering in Almaty, a ski resort mere 20 minutes from the city center was certainly not on my list. To...
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Hoi An: The city of lanterns

South East Asia

Ever since I landed in Da Nang, Vietnam’s port city, Hoi An was a constant feature among travelers. Some had returned from Hoi An, others...
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Stok Palace: An exquisite miniature of Ladakh

India, Ladakh

It was mid-afternoon when we arrived in Leh. The temperatures soared to 30 degrees, a very unlikely for Ladakh. But the temperature was...
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Dawki: A river paradise

India, North East India • 2 Comments

I was a little undecided between going to Dawki or making a long trip to Tura. And my Airbnb host in Shillong had almost decided to...
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Inside the sacred forests of Mawphlang

India, North East India • 2 Comments

In every turn in Meghalaya nature has a story to tell. Amongst the brooding mountains and the fiery skies, living root bridges, and natural...
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The monoliths and old tales of sacrifices from Nartiang

India, North East India

A magical waterfall straight out of Kipling’s pages – that’s how my friend Brad described Krangshuri falls. His words were enough to...
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Magical sunrise and a feast at Denzong Regency

Hotel Review, North East India

The worst part of Sikkim is the tiring journey from Bagdogra airport to Gangtok. And while all along our way one is accompanied by the...
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The pristine Pelling

India, North East India, Sikkim

Trust me, in Sikkim, you desire nothing more than clear views of the Kanchenjunga range. From the time one arrives in Gangtok, one can feel...
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The magical ride to Yumthang valley

North East India, Sikkim

I could not visit the Yumthang valley when I came to Sikkim six years back. That thought lingered somewhere, and that wish to be here in a...
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