West India

Pushkar: kaleidoscope of emotions

West India • 9 Comments

Pushkar hung in my thoughts like a dream. After having seen several of my plans for Pushkar get...
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Rajputana revisited at Nagaur

West India • 5 Comments

This wasn’t a well-planned tour; last minute tickets, itinerary gone through in haste, no pre-research done and entire plan charted out...
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A Fort with many stories: Chittorgarh

West India • 8 Comments

Stories abound in this fort. Wrapped in history, Chittorgarh Fort has been a textbook lesson on valour, honor, sacrifice and never to fade...
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The white canvas of Rann

Destinations, West India

Surreal and seemingly eternal, strangely mesmeric, lifeless, ghostly stretches of white salt pan...
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Dwarka – of Krishna and Meera

Destinations, West India • 13 Comments

A long, tiring drive across flat, featureless and arid landscape of west Gujarat brought me to Dwarka. The last stage of drive from Rajkot...
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